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Many website's are now requiring database management to allow for easy and immediate manipulation of dynamic content. We at Webmetrix understand that not all database driven web sites require the same features and tools and therefore we can offer you custom built solutions tailored to your individual or corporate needs.

Database driven tools can be very varied, the only real limits are how advanced you want your website to be and how adventurous your imagination is. Some example items are shown below:

Why Use Database Driven Websites?

More and more website are now being developed using databases as a back end source of data. So what is so good about them and why should you have one? By using a database as the source of data rather than having it hard coded means that the content can be managed dynamically, meaning that manipulation of any of the data can be done quickly, simply and in real time.

The other major advantage is that no programming skills are required so if you can type then you can manage your website, there is no need to wait for the website to be recoded. It is as simple as that!

Basic Database Driven

If not all of your website needs to be database driven, then small sections of the site can be developed separately to allow the database technology to be utilised. An example of this would be the latest company news, where a table would extract data from the database and display it back to the user.

Fully Database Driven

If you want the best in website flexibility then you will want to consider a fully database driven website. With the CMS option (see below), you can have the ultimate web solution as every part of your website data can easily be updated and amended by simply logging into your CMS.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

By logging into a secure area of your own website the CMS allows you to manipulate, in real time the data, on your website. Because the CMS allows you to update your website "in house" it drastically cuts down on maintenance charges. Another advantage to the CMS option is that you are not restricted to which computer you can use to update your website just about any computer with an Internet connection and a web browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer can be used. The initial development costs may be higher but in the long run maintenance costs will be kept down. The more often you need to update the data the cheaper it becomes depending on how often you require the website to be updated.

Web Applications

This can vary from a news posting program to a full admin system to store information about clients. This allows you to add/edit/delete clients and their details in turn and also allows the clients to login and manipulate their information if it is not correct or as required. The possibilities are endless, it is all down to how powerful you want your web site or web application to be and what you want it to do for you.

If you are unsure about any of the possible options, how a database driven website would benefit you or if you would like to discuss a possible solution with us, please fill out our quotation request form.

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